“Kusumlata Foods and Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.” is an emerging company in the field of Quality Agricultural products. We procure seasonal fresh fruits directly from the fruit gardens and provide it to other fruit vendors across India. We also deals in Honey and Honey Bee Products.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be one of the top agro products company in India.

Our mission statement is to deliver the Best Quality of the products to the world and set the benchmark for others.

Our mission in the fresh fruits and vegetable sector is to deliver freshest fruit and vegetables to the customers.

This is our specialty to deliver Quality Honey Products, and this is one of our mission to spread the awareness about various type of honey that is produced naturally by honey bees. For enhancing your knowledge please watch out our Blogs. We promise you will explore many facts which would be knowledgeable and eye-openers.

Usually, people think that Honey that is available in the market is all same honey with just a difference of Brand and Quality. In actuality, there are many varieties of honey that are produced naturally by Honey Bees. It depends on the flora which has been used by the bees to make the honey. For example, if honey bees are surrounded by Mustard Farms, the quantity of Mustard nector would be more than any other flora that is being used by the bees, it would be a Mustard Honey. In general, it is named on the flora whose content is more than 40% in the entire content of the nector that is being collected by the bees. So, as per the seasons and the respective fruits, we find there associated Honeys too, like, Mustard, Ajwain, Saunf, Litchi, Jamun, Kikar, eucalyptus and many more.

We are also in the planning phase to set up our own polyhouse to produce organic vegetables and deliver directly to the customers.

Our Business Philosophy

“Earning the Customers Trust” and maintain it to the fullest is the soul of our business strategies.

Legal and Govt. Registrations

Company CIN: U01110DL2019PTC348851

Date of Incorporation: 19-April-2019

TAN:    DELK19989E

PAN:    AAHCK5983E


Import Export Code (IEC): AAHCK5983E, Issue Date: 04-05-2019

APEDA Registration: RCMC Number: 196898